I’ve never been shy about my love for knockoff Uggs, and by association, regular Uggs. I think they’re fucking awesome, they’re comfortable, and they really do incredible things for your silhouette.

So far be it for me to decry the creation, which hit the Internet today, of wedding Uggs. If you’re here for a massive takedown of other people’s footwear choices, you should look elsewhere. And here’s why:

1. I don’t give a fuck what other people wear to their weddings.

2. Uggs are comfortable.

To be even more fair than I’m already being (and I’m being really fucking fair), Uggs knows that these boots might be used for before and after the wedding. According to the Uggs website:

This boot provides luxury bridal comfort as brides and their bridal parties pamper themselves before and after the wedding.

Yes please, don’t mind if I do (HA).

Anyway, there are three different kinds of wedding Uggs: two pairs of boots, called the Sparkles I Do! and the Bailey I Do!, and one pair of flip flops. They all look delightful.