Today actress Molly Ringwald turns 44. Look at her! It’s a far cry from her style icon days of the 1980’s, but still how she glows with that gorgeous red mane!

During the 80’s, Ringwald was the “It” girl with her successful reign as the lead in many movies from the teen movie genre. Thanks to films written and directed by John Hughes (bizarrely, it’s also his birthday today, too), the duo not only breathed new life into the genre but set a standard that has yet to meet its rival.

From nerdy to dreamy to completely unapologetically eclectic (just look at her wardrobe in Pretty in Pink), both on and off screen, Ringwald made her mark on not just fashion, but the decade with which she became synonymous and teenagers everywhere.

On her 44th birthday, let’s remember Molly in all her 1980’s glory, and let’s do so rocking an off-the-shoulder top, shall we?