Earlier this week, a t-shirt being sold at JC Penney caused an internet uproar over its relentlessly misogynistic, gender stereotype-reinforcing message, which was: “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me.” The t-shirt was swiftly pulled from the site, and JC Penney issued a prompt apology to offended customers and bloggers/citizens of the world.

Well, now, a new dumb t-shirt has emerged, and this one doesn’t so much encourage girls to be stupid as to be terrible people. Sold at Urban Outfitters, the garment has this to say: “I Will Cheat On You.”

So, let me ask you: what’s cute about that notion? Why would anyone want to slap a public label on themselves in which they essentially call themselves an asshole? The only answer I can think of is that some girls might think that cheating — whether they do it or not — makes them look like a badass.

If you happen to fit that description (which you don’t, of course), allow me to suggest that there are better, more creative ways to express your inner devil that don’t involve being a shitty human being. For instance, you could join a rock band, get your pilot’s license, take up burlesque, write blues music, buy a motorcycle (with a helmet!), or even just be a regular old badass by standing up for yourself in life.

But please, let’s not besmirch the world of badasses by trying to put cheaters in that category with them. Nice try, Urban Outfitters, but no dice.