Louboutin 2010 FWBack in 2010, the wonderful Christian Louboutin, who doesn’t create painful shoes on purpose, added fun little spikey studs to a couple pieces of his Fall/Winter collection. Oh I’m sure that someone else had done it first, because this is fashion and very little is original anymore, but Louboutin really brought this whole spike trend to a peak. And man has it peaked.

At first, the spikes were edgy. It was fun to see celebrities bring a little badassery to their formal get-up. Rihanna looked awesome strutting around in studded stilettos. I could imagine her getting mad at a pap and impaling them with the spikes on her shoes.

I’m not a fashion editor so I’m probably horrible at articulating it, but I enjoyed this fun punk rock trend. Even into 2011, spikes outlining the bow on your pointy-toed pump? Lovin’ it.

That brings us to today, where every Kardashian that hits a red carpet has a pair of spiked Louboutins on, just to show how edgy they are in a bandage dress. You’re more likely to see spiked shoes on a Maxim model than an actress you actually enjoy and respect. Knock-offs have made spikey heels available to anyone with $40 and an Amazon account. Suddenly, pairing studded heels with your sundress doesn’t seem edgy, it seems desperate.

For the OG’s part, Louboutin’s spikes keep getting larger and probably more difficult to walk in. But not purposefully painful. But really, this trend has just become a way to “spice up” a safe dress choice. How much more predictable can you get than a LBD and a pair of spiked pumps. I think I’m going to ask Ashley to count how many times she sees that look in one week. Because ya know, I’m sure you guys would love some “statistics” instead of just my random opinion. And because I like thinking of how bored Ashley will get counting all that nonsense.

The fact is, two year ago spikes and studs were fun and playful. They brought a little touch of rocker to your accessories. Now, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if Courtney Stodden traded in her Lucite heels for a pair of spiked peep toe Louboutins.

We need to accept the facts. This is a good trend that just went bad too quickly. Spiked stilettos don’t look edgy anymore, they look needy. Needy for attention.

So let’s retire this whole studded heel nonsense. To do so, it can only start from the top. I’m looking at your Mr. Louboutin. It was a good idea. The Kardashians took it from you and made it their own. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Let the spiked stiletto rest in rebellious peace.

(Photo: Fashionising)