Ivania Carpio is an Instagram star whose heavily curated style posts will make your jaw drop. Everything this Dutch blogger wears and owns is white, with occasional pops of black and gold for contrast, and the effect is stunning. I am pretty sure she is Princess Elsa from Frozen, but with better clothes.

If this doesn’t make you want to dye your hair gray, nothing will.

I’m normally into a sort of gold-embroidered, bourgeois bohemian maximalism, and the pure, minimal, severe beauty of these looks makes me want to throw away everything I own and start over from scratch. Everything in her life just looks so clean and curated.

Wait, hold the damn phones. She has a cat!? And it’s black!? What is she, a wizard? How is she not covered in little black cat hairs all the time? For the past 10 years I have consoled my sad, fur-covered self by saying the chic, pristine women I see on the subway and sauntering down Park Avenue just don’t own cats.

If people like Carpio do own cats, what am I doing wrong? Do you think a Roomba would help? I could get a Roomba. (With my luck the cat would just ride the Roomba and it would be adorable and just help kitty spread fur to previously untouched areas of the house.)

giphyH/T: Refinery29

(Photos: Instagram/Love_aesthetics, Giphy)