j. crew alligator purse

J. Crew is apparently still attempting to break into the high-end market by releasing a version of their signature Edie purse that’s made from alligator skin, of all things. While the typical version of the bag goes for between $238 and $298, this one is priced at — wait for it — $1,500. The purse is being sold exclusively at J. Crew’s Madison Avenue location.

If alligator isn’t your style, you can also opt for another coldblooded creature’s skin as an accessory by going with the python version for $795 online. Oh, and if you like that one so much, you can get the matching $1,800 pencil skirt. Cool.

Now, apart from the fact that I don’t wear animal skin anyways and I certainly never spend a grand and a half on one bag, I just plain think the thing is hideously ugly. While the coloring is interesting, the pattern is just plain weird and scaly and doesn’t go well at all with the gold hardware. If Alien had an affinity for purses, this would be the bag of choice, and I like to think that my closet’s accessories are typically nowhere near what Alien would purchase if it had a shopping addiction and some money to blow.

Plus, as Huffington Post points out, it’s “ridiculous extravagant, especially for something with a J. Crew tag.” Now, as much as I don’t think most designer stuff should cost the exorbitant amount that it does — there are definitely exceptions — I would especially find it silly for a store that has an already established price point to exceed that and assume its label is significant enough to people who can actually afford $1,500 bags to purchase anyway. Sorry, J. Crew, but I’m just gonna have to guess that this won’t be working out all too well; it’s best that you stick to crisp cigar pants and thick-knit mustard yellow sweaters (which, to be fair, I fucking love).

Photo: J. Crew