Ugh. Why, J.Crew, why? The purveyor of preppy-chic has some ideas about what you should buy for kids this holiday season—and they’re pretty disappointingly gendered. Over on Reddit, the supersmart miffy88 pointed out the shockingly sexist tone of J.Crew’s 2013 gift guide.

Exhibit A, a selection of the gift guide for boys:


Exhibit B, a selection of the gift guide for girls:


Notice any dissonance between those collections of images? The gift guide for boys features a magic trick set, a journal, a wooden robot, and of course, clothing. But the guide for girls? It’s all clothes, jewelry and accessories. Well, there is a tie-on tiara and a bottle of nail polish in there, but I guess whoever compiled this list doesn’t think that little girls might be interested in playing with a wooden robot, listening to music through colorful headphones, writing in a journal, or owning a set of pick-up sticks. Nope! All they want is t-shirts that say “<3 Breaker” and bracelets and headbands. They didn’t even give us a stereotypical doll or craft set or any kind of “feminine” toys for a little girl. Little girls just don’t do toys.

Honestly, I expect something considerably better from the company that gave us Jenna Lyonsson Beckett’s bright pink toenails. Yes, even despite their ridiculously overpriced, faux-glam goods. I know that most people still buy pink for girls and blue for boys, dolls for girls and trucks for boys, but I didn’t expect J.Crew to put out something that’s such a throwback, so sharply divided among traditional ideas of what boys and girls like. Hell, I didn’t even know J.Crew made or sold toys of any kind, much less ones that are only deemed appropriate for boys to play with.

I guess there’s one good thing about J.Crew’s “Traditional Gender Roles For Boys And Girls” gift guide: Now I know where I definitely won’t be shopping for gifts for the little girls in my life.

Photos: Reddit