At least, according to one Huffington Post writer who claims:

Say whatever else you will about Jabba the Hutt but he has excellent taste in fashion. Sure, he has his faults. It’s true that he showed incredibly bad manners when feeding Luke Skywalker to the Rancor Monster. Granted it was impolite (and not feng shui) to turn the frozen Han Solo into the galaxy’s largest bookend. But let’s not hold that against him because Jabba knows a nice bikini when he sees one.

I’d sort of love to see a Karl Lagerfeld type transformation in Jabba where he discovers Heidi Slimane and promply drops 500 pounds in an effort to wear their suits. I feel certain Karl would have useful advice for him like “my doctor calls me twice a week to to eat meat, as apparently we are cannibals.” I think this is the sort of thing Jabba would find wonderfully applicable to his lifestyle. I imagine that will never happen because I guess Jar Jar Binks just really needed that screentime.

“Fashion by Jabba the Hutt” – Huffington Post