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Remember that black and blue/white and gold dress? Of course you do. It broke the internet more than Kim Kardashian‘s naked Paper magazine cover, and that’s sole purpose was to break the internet. The infamous #TheDress had the entire world having a meltdown about whether it was blue and black or white and gold. It was trending forever on social media. Celebrities even debated about it. Ellen DeGeneres gave the people who started it $10,000 for some reason. A dude even got a tattoo of it. If you thought that the controversial dress was behind us, you better sit down, because there is a new version of it. There is jacket circulating that is having the internet in an uproar about what color it is.

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It was a year ago exactly yesterday since The Dress debate ignited so it is perfect timing that another piece of clothing would create such a divide. The piece is question is an adidas jacket. Buzzfeed reported that a photo of the jacket was uploaded to Tumblr by a user called poppunkblogger. In the post, the user says that they see the jacket as a different color than their friend. They wrote: 

“Hate to make a new blue/black white/gold dress meme but my friend has this jacket and she says it’s white and blue but i see black and brown pls tell me what you see.”

If you think that people seeing two options is bad, Buzzfeed‘s poll also has options for people who see green and gold, and green and brown.

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Are you prepared? Take a look at the post for yourself to figure out what color the jacket is:

What do you think? Are you team blue and white? Or do you think it is black and brown? What about green and brown? Or do you just want to turn off your computer and bury your head in the sand until this whole crazy thing goes away?

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If this turns into something half as big as The Dress, you better get prepared because it is all we are going to be hearing about for the next few days. adidas jacket sales are going to go up 300%. People are going to be debating about it at dinner tables and in the Starbucks line. It will probably be brought up on Sunday’s Oscars red carpet. And you know there is going to be one person who will get a tattoo of it. The real question is, will it be white and gold or black and brown?