nina agdal prom jake davidson

After requesting the company of Kate Upton to prom via YouTube and being rejected, Sherman Oaks, California high schooler Jake Davidson was running out of options. Angelina Jolie? Married. Hillary Clinton? Hella busy (and also married). His cousin? Married, with kids. He wound up tearing out all of his hair, crying softly into his pillow and tweeting angry reaction GIFs at Upton throughout the time that he should have been showing her off like a trophy to all his buddies, teachers and chaperones.

Wait, just kidding, he actually took another supermodel to prom instead: Nina Agdal. Because obviously, prom pointless unless you take a celebrity.

Given that she was Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition’s 2012 Rookie of the Year and took over the spot that Kate Upton rejected, one can only assume there’ll be a whole lot of speculation regarding her intent, so I’m just gonna say it: publicity. Apparently, the Danish model’s experience of going to prom with Davidson will be shown on Inside Edition, because again, publicity is essentially what prom is all about.

Oh, and this painfully awkward video.

But then again, he is just a kid and I am glad that he got to live out his dream of, uhm, taking a famous lady to prom (dream better and more realistically in the future, dude). I hope they had a snazzy time and that the boom mics didn’t hit them in the face too often.

Photo: Getty Images