If you didn’t know, James Franco happens to be the face of Gucci by Gucci perfume. Can you believe he actually mispronounced “Gucci”. He said it as “Gooky” or “Gucky” and even “Goo-Ssi.”


There’s a video to prove it if you don’t believe me. Actually, it’s a spoof by James Franco with the help of Funny Or Die. Watch it after the fold…

[funnyordie video=6e3825a523]

“Gooky by Gooky”, hehehe. The first part was really hilarious. The middle was good too. Until the near end where the whole thing just went ridiculous. They tried to make the video too long. Overall, it was funny. I appreciate celebrities who can laugh and make fun of themselves. Plus, James Franco is one cool dude and a hottie at that, heh.

(Image : Newscom) (Video : Funny Or Die)