I was so innocent last week. I thought James Franco‘s creepy, greasy naked selfie was the ne plus ultra of the Franco Instagram stunt. When he went on The Late Show with David Letterman to complain about bloggers looking at the photos he posts publicly to Instagram, I thought the naked selfie narrative would fill his public appearances for the next fortnight. (He is promoting a movie, after all.) But that was just a week ago, and he’s already topped that publicity with a new selfie in which he fully clothed.

Franco took a selfie of himself wearing a shirt made out of his own selfies. Man, Franco has taken a lot of selfies. There were enough available for someone to make a giant collage, then turn the collage into fabric, then sew Franco a Franco shirt of his very own.

“Weird shirt,” Franco captioned the picture, in possibly the biggest understatement of his career.

The only way this stunt could be more meta is if this selfie were included in the fabric, but that might require us to break the space-time continuum. At least let us all release a sigh of relief that Franco’s greasy naked selfie didn’t make it onto the shirt, because that would have been weird.

This is a brilliant idea for a selfie-obsessed celebrity with a big Instagram following. Someone should make a selfie dress for Kim Kardashian. You know she would wear that thing with pride.

(Photo: Instagram/JamesFrancoTV)