If you told us yesterday that a celebrity’s mother would show up at her daughter’s wedding in a wedding gown of her own, we would have bet every dollar in our retirement account that you were talking about Kris Jenner. But we would have lost that bet, because the gown-wearing mom was none other than Lynne Spears.

Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister to Britney, got married Friday in a lovely dress by Liancarlo. Her mother also attended in a lovely dress by Liancarlo, and I Do Bridal Couture shared the above image on Instagram.

“It’s official ya’ll!” the bridal shop wrote on its Instagram post. “@jamielynnspears is now Mrs. James Watson! We are so happy to have been part of this celebration of love. The beautiful bride, Mrs. Lynne and sweet Maddie all wore custom gowns by @liancarlodesign. More pics to come! Xo”

“Why is her mom in a bridal gown??” one commenter asked. That’s exactly what crossed our minds, because Lynne Spears’ dress is really, really bridal. It’s more bridal than any dress we’ve ever looked at on a red carpet and snarked, “That’s a bit bridal.”

I Do Bridal Couture responded that Lynne was not actually wearing a wedding gown, even though the dress looks exactly like one.

“Mrs. Lynne is not in a bridal gown, she is in an evening gown by the same designer. Her dress is a blush color with silver lining, it’s just hard to see in this pic. It’s so beautiful and perfect on her!”

Her colors might be blush and bashful, but as every Academy Awards red carpet has proved, there is a fine line between wedding gown and evening gown, and we are not convinced this dress is on the right side of it. Of course Jamie Lynn’s opinion is the only one that matters, and she seems fine with her mother’s choice of attire. But if Lynne had walked into my wedding in a dress like that, my judgy, etiquette-minded grandma would have turned her to stone with her Medusa side-eye.

(Photo: Instagram/Idobridalcouture)