Celebrities always say they had awkward childhoods or “ugly duckling” phases, but most celebrities are liars. January Jones, however, can legitimately claim to have had a spectacularly awkward couple of years, which she proved today with the most surprising celebrity throwback photo we have ever seen:

“#nofilter #obviously #ilovemy9yroldself,” she posted.

We love 9-year-old January Jones too.

Suddenly we find ourselves liking the famously chilly and sometimes scary actress for being cool enough to post such an awkward picture of herself on the Internet, when most people go around untagging themselves from any unflattering photos their childhood friends might post to Facebook. Jones grew up to be one of the most perfectly beautiful people in the world, and we would never have believed that she’d ever had that spectacular mullet. It’s one of the worst haircuts we’ve ever seen on a child, but young January Jones does not seem to give any fucks.

You know, we always sort of hated The Ugly Duckling, because it’s a bullshit story about how maybe ugly kids will get lucky and grow up to be really pretty, and then all the mean kids will be like, “Oh, we shouldn’t have picked on that person for being ugly, because he grew up to be even prettier than we are.” Instead, maybe ducklings should learn not to be assholes because it’s nasty to go around picking on people’s looks. And maybe the ugly duckling could have a victory that shows character is the most important thing about a person, instead of one that puts him ahead of the other ducks while simultaneously shoring up the supremacy of appearances that caused the picking-on in the first place. But we still feel like January Jones deserves a high five for that awesome 90s mullet and the chutzpah to show it to everyone.