January Jones could not look more like a modern Grace Kelly, and she oozes such a Kennedy-esque, old-school idea of “class” that she makes posing naked in a bathtub with diamonds seem like the most elegant and tasteful thing a person can do. But there is a limit to her classy superpower, and she found the limit with this tacky lace jumpsuit she wore on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.

January Jones wears this jumpsuit as well as it can possibly be worn, but we’re still so tired of this sheer panel, “Look, ma! No underwear!” trend. When Jaimie Alexander wore it on the red carpet to promote Thor: The Dark World, it was shocking but kind of cool. Unfortunately, other stars discovered that this sheer-panel trend could get them press as well, and ever since then we’ve been trapped in a celebrity arms race to see who can most effectively demonstrate that she is not wearing any underwear. (So far Paris Hilton and her waxed vagina are winning.)

Not wearing underwear isn’t even scandalous. We generally assumed that the fear of pantylines meant that most celebrities eschewed underpants on red carpets. Underwear isn’t really all that necessary, anyway. But neither is it necessary to announce to everyone that one is going commando, which seems to be the main reason this jumpsuit and others of its ilk exist. We’ve seen everyone’s naked flanks, and now we’re tired of it.

Did we mention that it sparkles? Because it’s hard to tell in a still shot, but January Jones is glittering like a disco ball throughout her interview.

(Photo: YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)