As anyone profitting off the diet industry knows, you can slap the phrase “Fat Burning” or “Weight Loss” on expired yogurt and people will buy it by the boatload. Some shrewd Japanese underwear manufacturers have, in turn, created the Calorie Shaper a pair of magical resin-coated (?!) underwear that retails for $32. Sadly, it’s unclear if these babies actually shape the calories, the only thing we could discern from the excellent commercial (below) is something about how the Calorie Shaper has some ambiguous relationship to everyday, holiday, everybody, BAM! Flute solo.

Apparently that resin coating makes them stiff and somehow stiff underwear amounts to resistance, toning, lies, etc. Which sounds like the same sort of chicanery behind every other dubious work-free weight loss product ever and therefore, only a matter of time before the Kardashians ink a deal to shill for it.

Anyway, you should watch this.


(Geekosystem via Styleite)