Jared Leto Pulled A Kanye And Wore A Skirt To The iHeartRadio Music Awards

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This has been an excellent year for one Jared Leto, what with the whole “winning all the awards” thing he did this past awards season. Plus, he was also hanging out with, and being speculated on regarding, the other most popular person this year: Lupita Nyong’o. Now, he is taking on the fashion world once again–and not just with his epic beachy locks and dead-eyed sex stare. For the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Mr. Leto opted to don one of the most fascinating looks we have seen a fellow since Kanye wore a leather skirt to his Madison Square Garden concert in 2011. In fact, it looks like an outfit straight out of My So-Called Life, except in Angela Chase’s wardrobe rather than Jordan Catalano’s.

For the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet, Jared picked an Etro shirt with a bright turqoise Ferragamo overtop, adding a dose of spring color, along with some Ray-Bans for his face and Vans for his feet. The real star of this outfit, though, is this bizarre-yet-intriguing pair of skirt pants from Skingraft. Perhaps I am just totally boring and out of the loop, but my goodness, are skirt pants a thing? If so, somebody needs to inform all my future male partners that they must try these at least once on our first date. Or that they must be Jared Leto. Either way.

The cool thing is how awesome his outfit looked while he was performing after swapping out the blue blazer for a dark jacket, leading me to realize that Jared would look amazing in an all-black dress.

Jared Leto Pulled A Kanye And Wore A Skirt To The iHeartRadio Music Awards

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

I am a little split on this outfit, I’ll admit. While I absolutely love the fact that Leto is so much more interesting to see on a red carpet than the vast majority of male stars, most of whom wear tuxes and suits, I know that if a woman wore this I would be less “E for Effort!” and more “L for LOLnah.” For fairness’ sake, I suppose I have to go with the latter response. Still, I wish more guys tried out skirts–they really do add a huge range of looks that you can wear, and it would make premieres, awards shows and events infinitely more interesting with regard to men’s fashion.

Stay tuned for My So-Called Pants, starring Jordan Catalegso and my inability to create puns.