The Oscars take place tonight, and while we’re camped out with our drinking bag at the ready to see all the glamour that the year’s biggest red carpet can provide, we were also given a brief reprieve in the form of last night’s Independent Spirit Awards.

Red carpets have become a major corporate affair. It’s a little distressing, and we’ve been missing the 90s–when Winona Ryder could wear her own vintage dresses and even nominees had some personal style. These days celebrities have stylists borrow designer clothes just for random interviews, and everyone looks primped and polished any time they leave the house. It’s kind of boring.

But for the Independent Spirit Awards, our favorite stars seemed to want to look a bit “indie.” In some cases (coughJaredLetocough) that involved showing up in 1990s costumes, while in others people just upped the quirk factor to 9.

Check out worst dressed at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Camila Alves McConaughey indepenent spirit awards

Camila Alves McConaughey is stunning and we love her lipstick, but she’s wearing nude, pointy-toed shoes, a sash, and a peplum.

Kathryn Hahn The 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards arrivals

Kathryn Hanh is one of our favorite people ever to guest star on Parks & Recreation, but this dress just has too much going on. Between the damask curtain fabric, the reversible draping, and the half belt, we’re not sure where to look.

Majandra Delfino The 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards arrivals

Majandra Delfino just took “independent spirit” as a costume theme.

Gabby Hoffmann 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards Arrivals

Oh my god, Gabby Hoffmann is wearing a furry, spaghetti strapped, capri jumpsuit on the red carpet. It’s awful, but we love her so much for doing this right now. Finally someone took a real risk! This Bjork-level awesome. Gabby Hoffman is officially the best.

Julie Delpy 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Julie Delpy‘s dress is an exceptional color on her, but the belt is too heavy and that weird satin vagina hem is making us think of gynecological exams.

Elisabeth Rohm

Elisabeth Rohm thinks she is at the Country Music Awards.

Reese Witherspoon 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards Arrivals

Reese Witherspoon‘s Giambattista Valli dress is a great color, but the hem on the skirt drapes awkwardly. It’s not a terrible dress, but the boxy cut and wide belly stripes makes us think Giambattista Valli should have saved this dress for Olivia Wilde or another pregnant celebrity, who could really have benefitted from it, because it would be a pretty cool example of red carpet maternity wear.

Lake Bell 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards ArrivalsSpeaking of red carpet dresses that would be awesome on pregnant ladies, Lake Bell also showed up in a giant tent. But while the look is weird and she looks terrified in every picture, we kind of love it. The unusual silhouette swallows her up, but it’s actually a pretty cool effect.

Jared Leto 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards

And Jared Leto just showed up wearing every indie-themed outfit his stylist could rustle up from wardrobe: The gauzy scarf, the motorcycle jacket, the superfluous flannel, the unlaced boots, black denim, and some bonus zippers to round it out. If I were designing a play and dressed a 90s indie rocker character like this, the director would throw me some serious side-eye and say, “Really, Liz? That’s a bit much. We don’t want him to look like a cliche.”

But his hair looks super pretty, and this is pretty much what Jordan Catalano would be wearing if he were alive today and had managed to keep it together as well as Jared Leto has, so we’re going to declare it a win for the 90s and just hope he hasn’t decided to do something like shave off all his hair tonight.