Jason Lee Parry–the man at the center of the Hailey Clauson sexy t-shirt photo clusterfuck–defended himself to Good Morning America yesterday… and was either asked unfairly leading questions (about the image’s appropriateness) or was just unable to articulate why a photo like this of a fifteen year old should exist in the first place.

He starts by trying to say Clauson’s isn’t the blank, sexually available, open mouth stare adopted by most models (“Her face expression looks tough. You can’t tell me that doesn’t look tough”), transitions into passing the buck (“She posed herself“) and then, annoyingly, deflects with some extremely tone-deaf logic about who’s actually sexualizing the teenager (“I didn’t see it that way. I think if people do it’s kind of… bad on them,” which we saw a lot of during the most recent “sexy photos of a child scandal,” the one involving ten year old Thylane BLondeau).

Anyway. See for yourself:

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