Last week, Jay-Z had to quickly pull a t-shirt from the Rocawear website that encouraged customers to “Occupy All Streets.” The shirt was discontinued after some people voiced their displeasure with its apparent hypocrisy — with a price point of $22 (none of which was donated to Occupy), it forwarded the message of the Occupy movement while simultaneously pushing the rapper even further into the 1% of the nation’s most wealthy individuals than he already is.

Well, now, Jay-Z has seen fit to continue to say that he supports the Occupy movement while at the same time laughing maniacally and rolling around in a pile of money. At this weekend’s GQ Men of the Year party, he joked around with a People reporter about exactly how spoiled his baby is going to be:

On a lighter note, Jay-Z says he and Beyoncé will lavish their child with luxuries. So will the baby’s diapers be made of gold?

“No,” he says, laughing. “Leather!”

[via Styleite]