Jean Paul Gaultier–one of the great living courtiers–sat down for a chat with Out magazine this month and discusses, among other things, turning 60 (“No longer the enfant terrible! Now I am the old terrible”), his diet, his sexuality and generally just reminds us why the epithet “fashion’s great humanist” is so fitting: Jean Paul Gaultier is wonderful.

…Interestingly, it sounds like his parents were, too. In our favorite excerpt, the designer reveals their acceptance and support of him upon revealing his sexuality:

When he was 12, the Gaultier family watched the Sidney Poitier film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and the young Jean Paul asked his parents what they would do if he were to bring home a black girlfriend. “They said, ‘If you love each other, that is all we care about. We will not say anything. Love is always good,’ ” he recalls. “A few years later, when I said that the girl is perhaps not a girl, they said the same: ‘If you love each other, perfect.’ That gave me peace.”

That at least partially explains Gaultier’s legendary warmth. Give yourself a treat and read the whole thing.