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What do you think of when you think about Jennifer Aniston on Friends? You probably  think of Rachel and Ross‘ relationship, the classic Rachel haircut, or maybe even Baby Emma. What about those episodes with Brad Pitt and his spiky frosted tips? Do you think of Rachel’s style? Probably not. You definitely member the haircut (because you had it) but you probably don’t remember a lot about her clothes. It is Phoebe‘s crazy outfits and her pigtails that you remember the most. Phoebe wasn’t the only one to wear some questionable things. Rachel wore a number of WTF outfits too. Friends was on from 1994 to 2004, so it’s no surprise there were some questionable outfit choices.

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Put on the Friends theme song, and look at 15 of Rachel’s looks that were as WTF as that iconic haircut:

1. The Zippered Denim VestRachel Friends Zippered Denim Vest 1

Vests may come in and out of fashion, but it’s been awhile since we’ve seen shrunken vest like Rachel’s–especially one with a zipper. Is it really a vest or is it just a top that she decided not to zip up?

2. The Puffy Wedding DressRachel Friends Wedding Dress

You can’t have forgotten about the first scene Rachel appears in. If the wedding dress wasn’t seared into your memory, that veil floral headband with knotted tulle definitely was.

3. The ShortallsRachel Friends Shortalls

Overalls are very difficult to pull off. Shortalls are a whole different ballgame. Do you really want a puffy crotch like that? Come on Rachel, there are much better post-baby outfits.

4. The Turquoise Quilted JacketRachel Friends Puffy Coat

It’s a good thing that the quality of this isn’t the greatest because you probably wouldn’t want to see the detail of this quilted jacket. This looks like part of a kid’s 1990s snowsuit that came with matching pants and a puppy dog hat.

5. The Princess Leia CostumeRachel Friends Princess Leia

The Princess Leia costume is another classic Rachel look. She traded one odd signature hairstyle for another and put on a golden bra and belt with a modesty-preserving skirt. Thankfully she didn’t wear this to work at Central Perk.

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6. The High-Waisted Pants And Short-Sleeved TurtleneckRachel Friends High-Waisted Pants

There are good high-waisted pants, and then there are not-so-great ones. These pants might not be so bad, but the tucked-in, lumpy, oatmeal turtleneck isn’t making me want to run out and buy them.

7. The Blue Leopard Peplum TopRachel Friends College

Ahhhh, the college years. The clothes were wild and they didn’t care. You have to admire a person who wears a blue leopard peplum top and doesn’t think it is enough so they add a crazy comb over to their hair.

8. The Geometric TopRachel Friends Geometric Top

You just have to look at Rachel’s expression to know that she is less than pleased with this blue and brown geometric top. It’s definitely not Ross she’s cross with, it’s the shirt.

9. The No Pants And Blazer LookRachel Shorts And Long Jacket

I’ve looked at this for awhile and still can’t figure out exactly what it is besides inspiration for some of Lady Gaga‘s outfits. We also can’t forget about the jewelry…
Rachel Friends Bauble Jewelry

Put your hand up if you had a craft set which had these exact beads in it.

10. The Black OverallsRachel Friends Overalls

If you’re trying to look a bit sexy, you put on your black overalls and your best white t-shirt. It worked for Rachel, but I don’t know how well it worked for everyone else.

11. The Mod Tap Dancing OutfitRachel Black White Mod Dress

I am positive that Rachel is wearing tap dancing shoes, and she’s about to break out into a routine at any second. (I’m pretty sure that happened in this episode.) Also note Ross’ striped backpack.

12. The Applique Baby TankRachel Friends Bavy Tank

Was Rachel taking fashion advice from Baby Emma? The ponytail and the applique tank top make me think so. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Emma’s actual top.

13. The Awkward Plaid SkirtRachel Friends Plaid Skirt

This outfit wasn’t awful. The turtleneck and plaid skirt are a little sassy schoolgirl, but where it really fails is with Rachel’s pose. Ladies, this is a lesson on how not to sit while wearing a skirt.

14. The Denim OverallsRachel Friends Denim Overalls

Yup, more overalls. If Rachel was a kooky art teacher, I would get it, but since she wasn’t, I don’t. I’m also pretty sure she borrowed them from Chandler‘s closet.

15. The 80s Purple BlazerRachel Friends 80s Purple

Clearly someone in the wardrobe department was watching a lot of 1980s soap operas when they decided to dress Rachel in this look. All that was missing was a jaunty hat and an improbable plot involving someone in a coma.