Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 4.22.18 PMThe world has been obsessed with Jennifer Aniston‘s relationship status for over a decade, and it turns out it isn’t just the tabloids and bloggers of the world waiting anxiously to hear about an Aniston wedding; her famous friends are also sitting around going, “Is Jennifer Aniston getting married? I heard a rumor that she’s getting married.”

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Aniston went on Ellen, where Ellen Degeneres made fun of the rumors while also humblebragging that because she is actual friends with Aniston, she will know when Aniston’s wedding to Justin Theroux will happen. But even Aniston’s famous friends are jumping the gun on her mystery wedding.

“Sometimes, because it is so secretive … like when we’re invited, we just go, ‘We can’t be in town, but should we be in town?”” Ellen said.

And Ellen isn’t the only one. Aniston said that her other friends call to ask if her parties are weddings before they agree to come, and Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher just keep jumping the gun and showing up to her parties expecting a wedding.

“Sasha and Isla showed up for like four parties — four little gatherings — they would show up in beautiful weddingwear,” Aniston said. “I mean, even at the Fourth of July last year they showed up with Sasha in a powder blue suit and Isla in a cute little dress and we’re like, ‘Seriously guys, it’s the Fourth of July. We’re in cut-offs. We’re eating hot dogs. We will actually let you know.'”

Poor Jennifer Aniston! Every time she throws a party all her friends call to ask if it’s a wedding, and if they find out it’s not a wedding, a bunch of them stay home.

From the sounds of it, when Aniston does get married, she’s going to send out invitations that say, “Yes, it’s a freaking wedding already.”

Or she should just say no to all the people who ask, “I can’t really come, but should I?” Then they will not come and will miss Aniston’s big wedding and that will show them for not coming to Aniston’s parties.