It’s good to know that Jennifer Hudson still has the capacity to shock us. While she doesn’t normally shock or stun us on the red carpet, she usually does OK. But every once in a while she pulls out something crazy and we love her all the more for it.

Because she is extremely talented and famous, Jennifer Hudson gets invited to much better parties than we do. She even got invited to the megaparty Solange Knowles and Beyonce just threw for their mother’s birthday this weekend in New Orleans, and that sounded like a party and a half.

For Tina Knowles‘ birthday, her daughters threw her an enormous New Orleans masquerade. Guests were required to wear formal attire and masks, and Jennifer Hudson decided that meant she should vamp it all the way up in a shiny black mask decorated with ostrich feathers and rhinestones, and a slinky black dress opened down the front to reveal her entire bra. And she looks fantastic.

“Happy birthday mama Tina! Such Beautiful woman!!! N a blessing to us all!!” Hudson said as she posted her event pictures on Instagram.

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland were there and equally glamorous, though Kelly Rowland’s drapey black goddess dress has us worried about potential wardrobe malfunctions. Beyonce doesn’t have to wear a mask, because she’s Beyonce.

It’s a lot of look, but Hudson is pulling it off. Do you think we could pull of a mask? We really want one now. They just make everything seem so glamorous and dramatic.