I love Jennifer Lawrence, mostly because of her First Wives Club jokes. But I’m a little thrown by her look in the new issue of W magazine. But then, I think the point is to be a little bit thrown by it. Here is the look, incidentally:

jennifer lawrence W

And here, for some reference, is a picture of Barbie:

barbie dollI think this is an interesting contrast because Jennifer Lawrence strikes me as being the least Barbie-esque figure in Hollywood. She’s mostly known for playing characters who run through forests (The Hunger Games, Winter’s Bone, a sort of emotional forest in Silver Linings Playbook).

W states:

Although she’s not remotely cuckoo, Lawrence, 22, is stubbornly, wonderfully true to herself, and that self is not constrained by Holly­wood’s usual rules of conformity. For instance, while she is a newly named face of Christian Dior, Lawrence loves to eat and is, as she bluntly puts it, “fat, by Hollywood’s standards.”

It continues to be insane – even cuckoo – to me that anyone in the entire world thinks that Jennifer Lawrence is fat, but, that aside, I guess her appointment as the face of Dior would explain why she is wearing the pink Dior dress in this photo. The Mikimoto pearls I think are just the spirit of Barbie taking over, though.

Picture via Barbie.com, W Magazine