attends a screening of "Serena" hosted by Magnolia Pictures and The Cinema Society with Dior Beauty on March 21, 2015 in New York City.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet. J.Law made her first big appearance at a screening for Serena hosted by Magnolia Pictures and the Cinema Society with Dior Beauty. Of course Jennifer wore Dior, but she surprised us by wearing a cool mixed fabric dress that was a fresh take on the very popular crop top trend.

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Jennifer’s Dior dress had a striped sequin bodice and white guipure skirt. The shiny top merged with the skirt with two massive rings that looked similar to the ones Dior used to style models’ ponytails with at their couture show. The dress had two side cutouts so it gave the illusion that Jennifer was wearing a crop top but she was really only wearing one piece. We’ve seen a lot of crop tops but this is something different. It’s like a sparkly monokini mixed with a skirt, which sounds like a strange combination, but it actually works.

J.Law styled her dress with coordinating silver sandals and delicate jewelry. She kept her hair and makeup simple and let her shiny dress make the statement. Jennifer’s hair was brushed back in a wispy style. For her makeup, she opted for a darker eye and shiny neutral lips. She went with a dark manicure with brought out the darker stripe in the bodice and added a bit of edge to the dress.

If the crop top trend is going to continue into the summer, celebs should take note of Jennifer’s cutout dress and try to find a new version of the look so we don’t see 8 celebrities showing up wearing pretty much the exact same out but in different styles.

(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)