Jennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow White SuitsYou probably heard that Jennifer Lawrence is supposedly dating Gwyneth Paltrow‘s ex Chris Martin. If you scratched your head after hearing the is-that-for-real rumor, you are not the only one. It wasn’t just surprising to hear that Chris could bag Jennifer with his whiny songs, it was interesting because Gwyneth and Jennifer seem so different. Yes, they’re both blonde, gorgeous and have Oscars, but that is where the similarities seemed to end. One loves eating green only foods from the bottom of the sea, while the other one enjoys making a beard out of her own hair. I thought Chris was going for a completely different type, but after I started researching it, it turns out the two women aren’t that different.

These 10 photos are proof that Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow are the same person:

1. Pink Dresses

Jennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow Pink Dress

We have not seen shocking pink on the red carpet since Elsa Schiaparelli made surrealist fashion popular, and that was in the 1930s. However, Gwyneth and Jennifer both managed to find gowns in the bright hue.

2. Weird FacesJennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow Weird Faces

We know Jennifer loves to pull a face almost as much as she loves to give reporters hilarious one-liners. I didn’t realize that Gwyneth made her fair share of goofy faces. Mind you, if you had a diet like that, you probably would too when you were eating green slime.

3. VeilsJennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow Veils

Not many people, other than the occasional vintage bride, wear birdcage lace veils. It’s interesting how Gwyneth donned a white version on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar while a barely recognizable Jennifer wore one in a Dior advertisement.

4.  CutoutsJennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow Black Cutouts

Did Gwyneth donate her dress and Jennifer reworked it? A bit of leather, a belt and frilly peplum can’t fool me.

5. Red DressesRibbet collageJennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow Red Dresses

It doesn’t matter that Gwyneth’s gown has sparkles, the form-fitting dresses with minimal accessories say “twins.” Even their hair is styled in similar beachy waves.

6. No MakeupJennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow No Makeup

In Hollywood, most celebrities wear a full face of makeup to the gym. Gwyneth and Jennifer didn’t just go to the shop to grab some (non-dairy) milk without makeup, they went barefaced at photo shoots. Gwyneth went au naturel for her book cover and Jennifer did for a Dior campaign.

7. White Magazine Cover Outfits

Jennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow Magazines

White dresses? Check. Massive earrings? Check. Side pose? Check. You can add a feather boa and switch the magazine, but there’s no denying the resemblance here.

8. Tan PhasesJennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow Tan

Both actresses even make the same beauty blunders. Both experimented with major spray tans. In fairness to Gwyneth, hers was for a magazine cover so the editors can take some of the blame, while Jennifer’s was for fashion week.

9. Blue Outfits

Jennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow Blue Dresses

I wonder if these cobalt blue outfits are by the same designer? They both show a sliver of stomach, the skirts are just below the knee, and I’m pretty sure they’re cut from the same bolt of fabric.

10. Purse AdvertisementsJennifer Lawrence Gwyneth Paltrow Bag Ads

Jennifer and Gwyneth share the same side projects. When they’re not acting, they’re starring in accessory campaigns–Gwyneth for Tod’s and Jennifer for Dior, again.

(Photos: Getty Images, WENN)