Jennifer Lawrence looks good up there on the cover of Flare, “Canada’s fashion magazine,” doesn’t she? That cover was from June 2011, and J-Law looked pretty cute in her purple and orange outfit with the big gold belt. (Those things appear to be having a moment again, so we hope she still has it around.) But a new GIF has been making the rounds of the Internet, and it casts that Flare cover in a totally different light, then puffs up its hair, narrows its waist, and adds a bunch of eye shadow.

tumblr jennifer lawrence photoshop

The difference between the magazine cover and the original, un-Photoshopped version of the picture is striking, especially because Jennifer Lawrence looked great in the original. I mean, she’s a damn movie star so obviously she looks fantastic. But even someone as naturally gorgeous as Jennifer Lawrence is considered too flawed to put on a magazine cover without some major body work. They made her waist smaller, thinned her arms, lengthened her fingers, narrowed her thighs, added more cleavage, hollowed her cheeks, and dropped her clavicle a couple inches.

The magazine-polished standard of beauty has gotten completely ridiculous. People are being encouraged to aspire to a standard of beauty that does not exist in the world. Even models and movie stars can’t achieve it. When people talk about “unrealistic standards of beauty,” they aren’t talking about standards that are difficult to achieve or that only a few people manage to live up to. Even the movie stars can’t live up to them anymore. Supermodel Miranda Kerr was recently caught Photoshopping her own selfies on Instagram, because being as beautiful as a supermodel isn’t good enough anymore.

Via The Huffington Post/Photos: Flare, Tumblr