Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence is not actually an oppressed teenager like Katniss Everdeen, but a 22-year-old woman who would almost be out of college by now if insanely successful young actors went to college? It’s true. (And yet, it still kind of creeps me out that the grown men who populate AskMen.com voted her “most fuckable woman of 2013” or whatever.) Perhaps in recognition of her budding desirability, her latest fashion spread in Vogue Italia veers away from Vogue UK‘s shout out to sweater fetishists and focuses more on hot young actress fetishists, as well as clothing fetishists (duh, it is Vogue). Check her out executing some serious fashion poses and making some serious sexyface, then cry bitter tears of “WTF?!” when you remember that she is obese by Hollywood standards.

(Via VisualOptimism)

Photos: Vogue Italia

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