Ouch! Jennifer Lopez is beautiful and wildly successful, but right now she is trying to sell us a heart-shaped necklace that has been painfully sunk into the flesh of her suspiciously smooth neck.

The excessive highlighter and lip shine we can’t blame on the Photoshopper. That could well be the work of a makeup artist who just brought too much gloss and wasn’t going to leave the set until she’d used it all. But the neck, which might not even be J-Lo’s, looks like something out of Saw. She clearly wasn’t actually wearing the necklace at any point. She just agreed to put her name on some heart-shaped jewelry, and then someone cobbled together the ads by Photoshopping the necklace into some pictures of J-Lo looking shiny. (She just has those around the house.)

Unfortunately, the Photoshop artist wasn’t paying any attention to where the neck in the picture was and completely failed to put the necklace around her neck. Instead it floats through the meat of her throat like something out of a magic trick. It’s distracting enough that we can’t figure out how nobody spotted this before it went to print.

This Photoshop of Horror, discovered by the eagle-eyed PS Disasters, bewilders mostly because it’s J-Lo. She’s selling licensed jewelry with her name on it, and she normally presents a very polished, professional image. Janky fuckups like this are not her style, and this is an actual magazine ad.

(Photo: ISSUU)