Semi-famous actress Jessica Chastain is not usually one to take sartorial risks. I know this because I googled her just now, and she looks fairly normal in most of her pictures. But that all changed at last night’s TONY Awards when Ms. Chastain selected (had foisted upon her?) a red carpet outfit that managed to be both extremely naked and extremely un-sexy. Just look at it!

This Marios Schwab abomination has so many things wrong with it, I’m not sure where to start. The top part is some sort of trompe l’oeil meant to make it look like she’s wearing nothing but some sparkly leaves, which is all well and good, if you’re into that sort of thing. However, the illusion is ruined by the addition of a visible corset underneath, which hits the skirt part in such a way that looks like she forgot some crucial component that’s supposed to go on top. To add insult to injury, the corset doesn’t actually appear to be supporting her boobs at all–if anything, the dress flattens them down in a really unflattering way. I know your boobs can look better than that, Jessica Chastain.

This is a shame, as Jessica Chastain is very pretty and seems to have chosen nice enough shoes for the occasion. And Wikipedia tells me she’s done some fine acting work! I’m thinking she was either the victim of an overzealous stylist, or wanted to put herself on the radar as an actress known for wearing stylish clothes and failed miserably. (Or both. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.) Or maybe, just maybe, she wanted to get some media buzz, and knew that a combo of “practically naked” and “worst dressed” was the best way to do so. If that’s the case, she definitely succeeded, as today is the first time I’ve ever seen entire fashion articles dedicated to her. Well played, Jessica Chastain.

(Via HuffPost Style)