Megan Draper (a.k.a. Jessica Pare)’s distinctive-looking teeth have occasionally been an obstacle for her character on Mad Men, like when someone told her she’d never be an actress because of them. This turns out not to be true even in the world of the show, but I’ve often wished I could show Megan just one fashion editorial from the present day, because chances are, the model in it would have big, gap teeth. They’re in!

I was happy, then, to see this editorial in new online beauty magazine Violet Grey, wherein actress Jessica Pare shows off her teeth and looks great doing it in a (what else?) mod, 60’s inspired editorial art directed by model Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Rosie also interviewed her, which is cool. And photographer Guy Aroch got some incredible shots, like this one:


And this one:


And in case anyone still doesn’t get it that Jessica Pare (and her teeth) are hot, they included a quote from The New York Times about the “trend” in dentistry:

“Gap-toothed smiles are regarded not just as a sign of SEXUAL RAPACITY, but also as a positively enviable fashion calling card.”

While I think it’s silly to have something like “a certain kind of teeth” go in and out of fashion as if people can change their teeth like they change their clothes, it’s nice any time our narrow standards of beauty are widened just a little. I also appreciate Jessica’s advice to her younger self of “Oh, just eat the sandwich. You look great,” because I am 100% sure it is correct.

I would also like Jessica and her makeup artist to know that their eyebrow game is ON POINT:



Visit Violet Grey to see/read the whole gorgeous thing.

(Via The Telegraph)

Photos: Guy Aroch for Violet Grey