Jessica Simpson wears high waist jeans and a leopard print belt while performing at 99.9 Kiss Country’s 24th Annual Chili Cook-Off

AnnaLynne McCord just managed to stir up a little publicity for herself: the 24-year-old 90210 star showed up to MTV studios in New York wearing a surprisingly obvious nod to Jessica Simpson‘s notorious “fat performing at a Chili Cookoff” outfit.

Simpson made waves in 2009 when she performed at a chili cookoff wearing high-waisted jeans, a black tank and a leopard print belt. The internet and gossip rags from here to Hollywood resounded with furious cries of, “Y U SO BIG JESSICA?” Simpson responded by getting engaged to a guy who gave her a Birkin and continuing to be insufferable.

McCord–who is famous for showing up on red carpets and occasionally beaches–decided to wear a similar but not exact copy, so that Us Weekly, the Daily Mail and blogs just like this one would publish a post about it:

AnnaLynne McCord steps out in Jessica Simpson's infamous chili cook-off outfit

We noticed the Mail headline was (obviously) all like, “AnnaLynne McCord shows Jessica Simpson How It’s Done (Because She’s Thin And Desirable, Get It?!)” but we find it pretty terrible on both of them.

If anything, McCord’s stupid Lennon sunglasses sink it even lower. So. That’ll show her.