I love Jessica Simpson. Call me crazy, but I find her authentic and sweet. While I know she hasn’t always made the best decisions in how she presents herself, hey, she’s only human, so what can we expect? I think she endures a lot of ridicule for no reason, especially because she’s stuck in the spotlight for reasons other than her talent.

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Why then must she feed this machine and chat with Oprah about the very things she supposedly “hates?” I guess when it’s Oprah, you can’t just say, “No comment,” but I still feel like Jessica is beating a dead horse by bringing up her huge weight controversy from a year ago plus the rude comments John Mayer made in Playboy magazine. Why go there? She says she was a size 4 when the big mom jeans debacle took place. Great! So say you’re a size 4, chalk it up to a horrible outfit and terrible camera angle and go on with life. There’s no reason for her to even feel that she was fat or heavy or anything of the sort! Watching her tear up over such an issue didn’t gain sympathy from me for some reason. I want Jessica to be confident and fearless, which she always says she is.

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What did you think of Oprah’s interview with Jessica?