When celebrated clothing designer Jessica Simpson first announced she was bringing on her sister, punk rock musician Ashlee Simpson, as co-creative director of the Jessica Simpson Collection, I was jazzed. Finally, someone was designing clothes that would help inspire young girls to express their personalities and creativity through fashion!

Two years later, that union remains fruitful, as the latest Jessica Simpson Collection fashion shoot featuring little Ashlee will attest. That’s right, kids: in addition to harvesting the Egyptian cotton and sewing every last garment by hand, the lesser Simpson sis modeled their clothing line herself. She is so hands on!


As you can see, Ashlee lends her edgy, downtown style to the brand by having small boobs and dark roots, and also by not reminding potential customers of scary, vacant Bible belters with no understanding of human reproduction quite as much as her sister does. “[Ashlee’s] boobs aren’t as big!” their mom Tina Simpson told People in response to a series of questions about what kind of memory-jogging devices she uses to tell her daughters apart.


As far as the clothes go, they seem like a rote enough sampling of current trends—trends like “stripes,” “Peter Pan collars,” and “grunge has probably been back for a little too long now”—mashed up, of course, with a bit of J-Simp’s trademark country-pop cheesiness. “I have a pretty cool sister with an amazing sense of style, and I was honored to get to do the shoot,” said Ashlee. “We keep it in the family. Jessica’s a fun one to work with.” She then went home and continued her secret studies so that she might someday become a radical feminist professor under an assumed name.

(Via People)

Photos: Jessica Simpson Collection