The beautiful Jimmy Choo Bracelet Woven Hobo would cost you $1750 from Saks. Wow.

Jimmy Choo Bracelet Woven Hobo

Jimmy Choo Bracelet Woven Hobo

The Jimmy Choo bag has woven pattern made of soft metallic leather. It has a bonus bangle bracelet which if you add everything together + the Jimmy Choo name, that $1750 price tag makes sense.

We can’t afford that but I found a Jimmy Choo Bracelet Woven Hobo look-a-like for under $100. Find out after the fold…

big-buddha-taylor-woven-tote-black big-buddha-taylor-woven-tote-cream



These bags are from a brand called Big Buddha. You won’t get a bracelet bangle like the Jimmy Choo bag but you’ll get a similar woven pattern and they’re only $95 each from ebags.

Which color do you like? I’m leaning on the cream and mustard yellow ones.

(Images : Saks, Ebags)