What fresh hell is this? …It is, actually, one offering in an 18-piece collaboration between luxury shoe giant Jimmy Choo and ’80s artist Rob Pruitt, which makes for a whole bunch of fluffy, pointy, exaggerated, neon pumps, bags and clutches. Says Pruitt of his inspiration for the collection, “I think about birds and bees and how they’re attracted to the colorful and architectural audacity of flowers. I use glitter in my artwork in hopes that the viewer will experience the same magnetism toward my artwork that birds and bees experience toward flowers.” Makes complete sense.

Would you like to see another? Of course you would:

Yes, that’s a cartoon angel panda motif, glittery zebra and a sprinkle (?) print all together on one $1095 wedge that hates your eyes.

We don’t have a problem with a fashion label collaborating with an artist, especially when it makes visual sense (Pruit’s aesthetic is giddy and ultra-graphic, so he’s a logical fit for statement shoes). But what we do have a problem with is charging $1200 for shoes that look like Lisa Frank trapper keepers.

Oh, and $425 for a keychain.

…Or $325 for a pink/purple/blue dégradé luggage tag. We guess that’s what luxury means nowadays, though.

The collection is available for pre-order now, but will appear in Jimmy Choo boutiques and online in November.

(via SheFinds)