Funnyman Jimmy Kimmel, the late night talk show host whose ex-not-so-ex girlfriend Sarah Silverman “F’d” Matt Damon (that video series was hilarious) went Presidential for the November 2008 cover of GQ. Of course, a Marilyn Monroe look-a-alike is behind him whispering some sweet nothings into his ear. Talk about a cliche representation of a President :).

In the first part of the GQ interview, Jimmy asked how stupid it is that a talk-show host has to wear a suit? However, he likes wearing the necktie. According to him, a guy’s neck look less fat if there’s a fabric hanging under it. Hmmm, interesting men’s fashion logic there.

More of Jimmy Kimmel’s GQ November pictures after the fold…


Read Jimmy Kimmel’s interview at GQ. It’s quite interesting :).

(Images : Mark Seliger/GQ)