anna wintour joan rivers celebrity feud

Staying relevant is continues to prove challenging for Joan Rivers, who’s decided to try feuding with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Despite hosting a show adolescently titled Fashion Police, Rivers still felt it necessary to throw jabs at Wintour for, oh, doing her job well and taking it seriously because it’s her job and for having a job better than hosting a show called Fashion Police.

During a Q&A at Internet Week at Metropolitan Pavilion, Rivers said, “Anyone who takes it seriously is a fool. Anna Wintour, just take your broom and stick it up your ass.”

Fashionista points out that this isn’t the first time Rivers has gotten all up in Wintour’s grill, saying last year:

Anna Wintour’s Democratic fundraiser for $40,000 a plate is a little bit of an oxymoron. I think if you’ve got $40,000 to eat dinner, and Anna Wintour — who doesn’t eat — already you shouldn’t be a Democrat. You should be a Republican.

There appears to be zero provocation and little-to-no reasoning for this attempted celebrity fight. It feels particularly sad because Wintour will, in all likelihood, completely ignore the matter because — regardless of her notoriously non-warm demeanor (I wouldn’t say “chilly” because I don’t think she’s necessarily rude or unpleasant-seeming) — she is an adult. And adults do not engage in arguments resulting from silly challenges like, “Just take your broom and stick it up your ass,” particularly not from a women who enjoy making fun of other women for every possible body image reason that one can possibly imagine. To be fair, Wintour isn’t always body positive either, and that’s certainly an issue, but at least she isn’t trying to provoke pointless, desperate celebrity feuds in order to stay in the news. Plus, once again, at least she doesn’t host a show called fucking Fashion Police.

Joan Rivers is irrelevant; Anna Wintour terrifies Eddard Stark, FFS.

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