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Joan Rivers is on a campaign to eliminate all the good will left over from her storied comedy career and brilliant cameo on Louie by attacking the nation’s favorite people in sad, vicious, strangely unfunny ways. Last time she turned her ire on Jennifer Lawrence, who is a grown-up and more than capable of defending herself or ignoring the situation as she sees fit. Apparently Lawrence’s disinterest in engaging with Rivers inspired the “fashion expert” to set her sights on an easier target, Kim Kardashian’s seven-month-old baby, North West.

Yeah, comedy grande dame Joan Rivers is attacking a baby.

According to the Daily Mail, Joan Rivers’ attack on North West isn’t even particularly funny or clever. She just calls the baby ugly. That’s the punchline.

“That baby is ugly… I’ve never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing,” Rivers quipped during a stand-up performance. Apparently Rivers saw the baby when Kim Kardashian brought her by the E! network–which runs both Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police–and was not impressed.

We are bewildered that a grown-ass woman who makes a living being funny just charged people money to see her go on stage and say, “Hey, look at that ugly baby!” But we are even more bewildered that North West is the baby in question. Does Rivers need Lasik? North West is the cutest. She is so adorable that millions of women across the globe spontaneously ovulate whenever Kim Kardashian posts a new baby picture. I’ve never wanted Kim Kardashian’s clothes, hair, or shoes, but if I have a kid in the next year or so, it will probably be due in large part North West’s extreme cuteness.