jill biden janna ryan

Just so we’re clear, we’re never going to have a picture of Jill Biden or Janna Ryan where they are not gripping the arm of their husbands. I just thought it would be fun for us to know that. That said – who is more stylish, Jill Biden or Janna Ryan? Does it make a difference to know that Janna Ryan’s dress was bought from Talbots? I mean, that seems… sensible. I don’t know where Jill Biden’s dress comes from, but if it came from Chanel, would you care?

Are you just going to vote for the political party you’re aligned with? I mean, TheGloss is unapolegetically pro-choice, so I don’t really think we have that many tea party voters here. But we do have some Republican voters, right? Right? Republicans love Talbots. Democrats maybe love Karl Lagerfeld, but maybe don’t wear him so much.

Alright. Cast your vote on who looks more stylish. It’s good to get used to casting votes before you have to do it in November. For God’s sake, please don’t take “being stylish into account in November.” Only do that now. Now is a good time to do that.

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Pic via Daily Beast and Washington Post