If you, like me, gave a bit of the old side eye when you found out that John Galliano was being given another chance at a career by Oscar de la Renta, perhaps this will convince you otherwise. Last night, John’s equally eccentric brother Joe Galliano returned to Late Night With Conan O’Brien to explain precisely why his brother is deserving of redemption.

Just kidding! He returned to wear a bunch of silly hats and speak in a foppish manner, which is pretty much the entirety of the joke. But maybe I’m feeling jolly today, because I still have yet to tire of it.

Over the course of the interview, Mr. Galliano wears a clown wig, a coffee bag, a knitting project, a bear with a fish in its mouth, and some sort of C3PO/Princess Leia hybrid on his head while he spouts sentences like “he’s a misunderstood angel!” and “he’s a universal sibling to all who love beauty!” The hats and the words are both funny, of course, because they’re not too far off from something an actual, full of shit fashion person would wear/say.

Will the “John Galliano is a fop who wears funny hats” joke ever get old? Maybe it has already. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy it while it lasts. And after that, I’m going to invent a new way to mock and humiliate him, because it’s the least I can do to pick up the fashion industry’s slack.

(Via Styleite)