John Galliano at London Fashion Week 2011One of our favorite people, actor and comedian Stephen Fry, is mounting a production of The Importance of Being Earnest next year, and he intends it to be the most fashionable version ever.

Fry will be both directing the show and playing Lady Bracknell, which was enough to make us want to see it anyway. But since he’ll be donning the Lady Bracknell costume himself, it had better be amazing, so he’s been talking to some seriously big-name fashion designers about taking on the costume design duties for Lady Bracknell’s wardrobe.

The whole production will surely be gorgeous, and probably very expensive, as Fry told his producers that he wanted the sets and gowns to get applause from the moment the curtain goes up. And, according to The Daily Mail, Fry has been in early talks with Roland Mouret, Alexander McQueen‘s Sarah Burton, and even John Galliano to see if any of them could take on the job of dressing him for the part.

Of the group of designers whose names were teased, Galliano does seem like the most obvious choice. He’s always been theatrical, is probably available, and he even worked as a dresser on an earlier production of the show at the National Theater when Judi Dench played Lady Bracknell.

Sometimes we find ourselves skeptical when we hear of a film or stage show hiring a famous fashion designer to do costumes. Costume design and fashion design are similar fields but not exactly the same, and bringing on a bold-faced fashion name often seems like a publicity stunt. But in this case our optimism is winning out. We really can’t wait to see who Lady Bracknell is wearing.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: WENN