Kate Moss is on the December cover of British Vogue and inside, she’s featured in a shoot with her her bestie, ostracized anti-Semitic designer John Galliano.  It seems like this high-profile appearance might herald Galliano’s return to the fashion world in earnest, but even if he’s been accepted back into the fold by the fashion elite, I’m thinking it’s going to be a bit difficult for the rest of the world to forget that he was recorded in 2011 saying things like “I love Hitler.”

Galliano styled the shoot in which he’s featured with Moss as a guest fashion editor; Moss herself was named a contributing editor at the magazine just a few weeks ago. Apparently, Galliano was extra passionate about styling the shoot and appearing in it, considering he’s been a bit creatively stunted in the years after being fired from Dior after his drunken rant (although rumor has it he might be moving to a permanent position with Oscar de la Renta). In her editor’s letter, Alexandra Shulman writes that she was bowled over by his vision for the editorial:

When I asked John to write a few words to describe his concept for the shoot, I hadn’t expected such a vivid picture to arrive, via a series of emails, outlining his inspirations and his feelings, demonstrating the workings of an erudite and passionate brain.

From the photo of Moss and Galliano together, it certainly looks like a gorgeous shoot. Kind of ethereal and 30s-inspired, no?


It seems Galliano is genuinely repentant about his anti-Semitic comments of 2011, as evidenced in this actually touching interview he did with Charlie Rose earlier this year. But even if he’s making his way back into the good graces of the fashion world, I imagine it’s going to take a bit longer for him to accomplish the same thing with the media, the general public, and anyone who decries bigotry and racism. I mean, heard anything lately from the other famous dude known for his anti-Semitic rants, Mel Gibson? Yeah, me either. Anti-Semitism is wildly offensive, no matter how talented, famous, glamorous or—yes, even how sorry— you are.

Photos: British Vogue