Prominent douchebag John Mayer has long been in the public eye for doing little besides dating celebrities and writing songs to which scores of high schoolers got to second base for their first times. But hey, guess what? He totally does something else — he’s channeled his effortlessly terrible demeanor into an equally effortlessly terrible accessory collection! In a “well, that makes sense” move, John Mayer designs flimsy wallets these days.

After successfully collaborating with leather company Barrett Alley on some ugly bracelets reminiscent of what Hollywood thinks 90s stoners wore, Mayer and the designer decided to come out with money-holding accessories, as well. The wallets, called “Judas Pouch,” come with a hand-stamped limited edition card because they’re apparently only making 50 of them.

john mayer BA-x-JM-Judas-Pouch-01 john mayer BA-x-JM-Judas-Pouch-04

Yes, they may seem generic and likely to fall apart if you opt to get dollar bills back instead of a five, but fear not! Everyone will have the opportunity to see how exciting and expensive your purchase was in some way or another. According to Coco Perez:

The limited edition collection of wallies are made out of premium deerskin leather with interior linings made from hand-pulled custom Japanese deadstock fabrics from the late 1800s to early 1900s and imprinted with JCM–John’s initials.

Looking to snag one of these original John Mayer designs? Pick them up in his official store. BTW, the wallet is $190 and the cloth bracelet is $95. Scroll back up and look at that wallet. Yes, $190. No, I’m not joking, and I’m sorry for that. I really am.

Photos: WENN & Barrett Alley