jon snow kit harrington

Big news! Not only is Game Of Thrones returning in mere weeks, but Jon Snow Kit Harington has been chosen as the face of Jimmy Choo‘s new collection for men. In case it’s not obvious, I have a bit of a thing for the tortured orphan type, and Jon Snow happens to be a favorite of mine. Let’s celebrate the new opportunity to see his face on billboards and in magazines with 15 amazing, brooding, sexy, heartbreaking, and plain adorable Jon Snow GIFs. Forgive me–a few Harington GIFs made it in there, too. I’m still not clear on the idea of Jon Snow not being a real person.

 1. What is this creature? Be my best friend.jon snow dire wolf

2. Oh, Jon Snow. That sneer could make a million girls swoon.

are you serious jon snow3. Oh, gosh. Look at them taking their oaths. It’s like watching kindergartners graduate.

4. Well, this hurts.

jon snow robb stark gif5. DESPAIR.

sad jon snow6. Seeing how obviously embarrassed he is to be saying this is just really, really nice. Happy Thursday.

7. Sheepish looks good on him. What do you think the interviewer just asked him? Boxers or briefs?

kit harrington confused

8. Hands down, the best Jon Snow gif of all time. Top five, at least. Top 15, definitely.

jon snow iphone gif

And now…let’s take a brief digression into the Jon Snow-Ygritte relationship.

 9. That whole accidental spooning bit is worth remembering.

jon snow ygritee spooning


10. He loves it.

jon snow ygritte walking gif

11. Flirting is fun.

save me jon snow gif

12. Way to go, Snow.

jon snow ygritte kising gif


13. My heart hurts.

jon snow ygritte gif


14 (parts A and B). Actual tragedy.

i do know some things jon snow gif

i love you jon snow gif

15. Okay, let’s recover from that with the grand finale:

jon snow dancing gif

Gifs: Giphy, Photo: Wikipedia Commons