I almost busted out  Mr. Rogers “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” song when I saw this picture of Jonas Brothers wearing cardigans over their dress shirts, respectively. Kichael said that Daniel Craig looked like a GQ Mr. Rogers in his own cardigan look but I disagree. The Jonas Brothers are the ones who look like Mr. Rogers with these ensemble.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Believe me, I’m not chastising the look or the Jonas Brothers. I think they made the preppy style look adorably cute ).

Kevin Jonas opted for olive green vest cardigan, Joe Jonas went for the classic grey sweater, while Nick Jonas rocked the beige sweater.

I picked Joe Jonas’ vest pinstripes vest during the 2008 AMA but this time around I’m picking Nick Jonas’s beige sweater look. Joe Jonas is bordering on looking exactly like Mr. Rogers, while Kevin’s decision to go with jeans and blue croc (?) boots threw  me off.

How about you? Which preppy Jonas Brother do you like best? :)

(Image : Newscom)