Dakota Fanning took a stroll around Soho yesterday in some shorts that are worth talking about–they were really more like denim bloomers. Since the weather is getting warmer everyday, jorts are certainly finding their way out of the bottom of the drawer and onto legs and butts everywhere. In the sea of denim that is summertime, Fanning’s bloomers are fan-fucking-tastic. No, seriously. These things are amazing.

To be clear from the get go: I love jorts. I am strongly in favor of the jort. High-waisted, mid-rise, boyfriend, skinny, short, long, whatever you want. I’m all for it. But I haven’t seen any silhouette even remotely like this in denim, and the uniqueness of these is refreshing enough to make them stand out despite the fact that they’re just jorts, at the end of the day.

Every summer, some celebrity or another trots out some sort of bloomers, but nothing comes close to looking as great as these do. The denim keeps them from being froofy and over the top, they have just enough structure to keep from being a denim diaper, and the wide legs make these shorts feminine and fun.

I think of jorts as being a neutral piece–you style them with other pieces. They don’t do much of the talking. But here, Fanning is wearing a Chanel purse, a leather jacket, and pink sunglasses, and all I’m looking at are her denim shorts. That’s quite an accomplishment. I haven’t seen noteworthy jorts like these since, well, Kesha brought out her denim-shorts-meets-undies, also known as janties. The difference here is that I don’t need those janties anywhere near me, but would love to own a pair of those jort/bloomers. They make my cutoff seem boring and sad in comparison, and I never even thought that jorts had such potential. Bloomers for everyone!

Photo: PCN