A celebrity kid pursuing a modeling career is nothing new. But add photography, painting, and simultaneously developing a personal style that’s not centered around crop tops and matching dusters? Now that’s refreshing. “I usually wear feminine blouses with black trousers and trainers,” says Iris Law (@lirisaw), daughter of heartthrob Jude Law. Though the London­based beauty has recently been lending her visage to the camera, she has also honed her skills behind the lens, using her images as the starting point for her artistic process. “I’ll shoot a friend and then base an intricate oil painting off that picture,” explains the multihyphenate talent. “I aim to show the realness of a person and truly capture them as an individual—I like painting eyes and veins under the skin.” And though she’s toyed with the idea of starting a magazine in the future, when pressed for details she’s quick to remind us of a fact that her maturity makes easy to overlook: “I’ll figure it out one day, when I have time. I’m only 15!” ?: @quentin_jones

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The September issues are always something to look forward to in the magazine world. They are filled with the new season’s fashions and they weigh about as much as a tiny dog. The Teen Vogue September 2016 issue also introduces us to another celebrity kid, Jude Law and Sadie Frost‘s daughter Iris Law.

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Iris is interviewed for the mag about her future, her parents and her life. Spoiler alert: She appears to have clearly inherited her parents’ creativity as well as their good looks. The talented 15-year-old talks about her art, photography and modeling work in the issue.

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For the Teen Vogue feature, Iris was shot by photographer Quentin Jones while wearing a quirky printed blouse. It’s a stunning shot, and it actually isn’t Iris’s first photo shoot. She recently appeared in the Miu Miu Resort 2017 look book alongside Taylor Hill. Vogue also points out that she made her modeling debut in the magazine when she was just a toddler.

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Iris’s older brother Rafferty Law has also made a name for himself in the modeling world, and it looks like Iris could soon be following his lead. If you don’t have Iris on your radar, you definitely should. Whether she continues to pursue modeling, painting, art, or all three, it is very likely that she is going to be producing some interesting stuff.