There’s this common misconception that women are supposed to “dress their age,” but what does that even mean? Some argue that older women shouldn’t show off their bodies because, at a certain point, it becomes inappropriate or somehow less attractive (which should obviously control how you look and behave every day ever), but those are typically ageist standards. Unless a woman is sucking on a pacifier and walking around in a Limited Too shirt, I’m probably not going notice what age group she was going for. Or I’m just going to assume she’s a early 2000s raver.

Judge Judy, whose real name is Judith Sheimdlin, seems to not buy into that notion. Instead, she showed off the photo above while visiting Katie Couric’s talk show, “Katie” earlier this week. Rather than give into the pressure that many women past their forties face, she sported a white bikini–as well as an ivory lace robe I desperately want to steal–while on a family vacation in the Exumas Islands. In order to maintain her great figure, she says that she “exercises and eats reasonably,” which is a pretty standard answer, but it’s nonetheless nice to hear beauty over fifty be admired.

In general, bikinis are the bane of those who defy age, weight and hair standards. If you don’t shave, that’s how everybody finds out. If you are older, that’s when people start criticizing you for not “dressing your age.” If you are not thin, bathing suits are where you will receive the most judgmental, obnoxious “dress for your body” advice. Thus why high fives are in order whenever somebody defies those standards and sets an example, even if it’s not intentionally, that your age doesn’t have to dictate your choices.

So go you, Judge Judy–wear white way after labor day!

Photo via ABC.